Encouraging internationalization in Flanders is not a job that Flanders Investment & Trade (FIT) does singlehandedly. Quite the contrary!

True to our motto of ‘1+1=3’, FIT is open to any partnership that can provide a stronger basis for international enterprise in Flanders.

Structural partners

For the 2022-2026 period, FIT is therefore allied with a solid team of 20 structural partners. The backbone of these collaborations is provided by  ‘Flanders Accelerates!’, the internationalization strategy for the economy of Flanders coordinated by FIT.

These partners include sector federations and clusters, as well as bilateral Chambers of Commerce, business organizations, incubators, etc. Each of them focuses on essential aspects of Flanders’ internationalization: from trade relations to peer learning to connecting with innovation networks abroad.

Moreover, in terms of content, they are aligned with the strategic core domains of ‘Flanders Accelerates!’. Each of these domains is an ecosystem in which Flanders already has a strong track record, but could still reach even greater heights internationally: life sciences & health, food, solution-driven engineering & technology, smart logistics and sustainable resources, materials & chemistry.

Meet our structural partners for 2022 – 2026:

Strategic and operational collaborations

Our collaboration is not limited to the structural partnerships. FIT also maintains close ties with many other actors that are active in Flanders in the domains of foreign policy, entrepreneurship, innovation and sustainability.

Many of these intensive collaborations have been outlined in concrete joint operating agreements.

Strategic research centers:

Spearhead clusters:

Governmental departments and organizations Flanders

Other partners

AWEX; Belgian Foreign Trade Agency;  CIFAL FlandersEnabelFPS Finance | Customs and ExcisesFPS Foreign AffairsFPS Economy;  hub.brusselsLuxembourg Chamber of CommercePorts of Flanders; Cities and provinces, Trade Promotion Europe.