Our task

In order to fulfil our mission, we support Flanders-based companies in their international activities and we attract foreign companies to Flanders. All companies, large or small, can call upon our expertise and our worldwide network free of charge.

The common thread? Through all our endeavors we help Flanders-based and international players to grow and create jobs, we stimulate the marketing of innovation from Flanders and enable our region to achieve world-class performance internationally. In short, we lay the much-needed socio-economic foundations for prosperity and welfare in Flanders.

In doing so, FIT focuses on these core tasks:

Helping companies in Flanders to export and internationalize

We help Flanders-based companies to conquer new markets. The FIT network at home and abroad supports them with information, campaigns and events, subsidies, advice, etc.

Bringing potential customers into contact with Flanders-based producers

FIT helps foreign buyers and distributors find their way to the numerous innovative and high-quality products and services of companies based in Flanders.

Helping foreign investors get started in Flanders

Investing in Flanders offers many advantages for foreign companies. FIT acts as a guide for international players in our region and offers tailor-made assistance for investment processes.

Central and connecting role

Building a strong economy and prosperity: it’s about more than just numbers. Above all, it’s about people. That’s why FIT plays a central and connecting role in the internationalization of the economy of Flanders.

We thus connect:


Our extensive network of partners - from federations, to clusters and research centers - covers all sectors

When everyone’s on the same page, we believe that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts: by establishing efficient partnerships, we support companies in all aspects of international business.


We speak our clients’ language, anywhere in the world, and offer direct service to companies, large or small.

Our dedicated team of experts are thoroughly immersed in the Flanders-based and foreign markets and are thus able to identify opportunities for our clients.


Our structure fosters collaboration between our teams worldwide, allowing everyone to build expertise to support the business world.

Thanks to short lines of communication and management, we keep a finger on the pulse of macroeconomic and technological trends in some 100 countries.

Curious how we put our mission into practice?

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