Flanders Investment & Trade (FIT) plays a central role in the internationalization of the economy of Flanders and the innovation that drives it.  It does so by helping companies to grow and putting Flanders on the map.

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International network, local approach

At FIT, we know our way around a wide variety of markets and we want to deploy this versatility where it counts for the economy of Flanders.

The people at our foreign offices are familiar with the local approach and know the opportunities there. In this way, they can help companies from Flanders to gain a foothold.

They also understand the local economic fabric and they know how to recognize and convince companies to choose Flanders as their operating base for the European market.

The locations of our foreign offices are not just random pins on the map. On the contrary, we are continuously evaluating and optimizing our international network based on economic impact and trends.

Tech makes Flanders tick

Science and technological innovation – and their international marketing – are crucial for our economy’s competitiveness and for our prosperity. That’s why FIT focuses particularly on stimulating and guiding the extensive technology landscape from Flanders to the global market and its innovation hotspots.

Our Science & Technology (S&T) Counselors play a crucial role in FIT's tech focus. They promote innovative Flanders abroad and recognize opportunities for Flanders-based companies to expand beyond the borders. At the same time, they strengthen the technological expertise of FIT as a whole and thus build a network of technology companies, venture capitalists, knowledge and research centers, clusters, incubators & accelerators.

This involves a focus on the areas of Digital Tech, Health Tech and Climate Tech.

Flanders accelerates!

FIT's tech focus is embedded in a broader internationalization strategy for the economy of Flanders: 'Flanders accelerates!'.

This strategy has been developed in collaboration with more than 150 actors in the field of international business. And it results in many projects that boost the international competitiveness of Flanders, so that the region can internationalize its economy even more extensively.

FIT is future-proof

FIT continues to focus on making its own organization future-proof, in order to remain efficient and effective in the future.

Digitization plays an important role in this. At FIT, we believe it has the power to transform organizations and lives. We work closely with our clients and partners to achieve a perfect balance between the digital and human.

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