Flanders, export hub

That export promotion is vital, is shown by a study by the International Trade Centre (ITC). In short: Spending 1 dollar on export promotion leads to 87 dollars in export revenues in the long run. What's more, a 1% increase in the export promotion budget causes GDP to grow by 0.065%. Expressed in absolute values, this means a return of $384 for every dollar of investment.

479billions euros

Total value of exports by Flanders-based companies in 2022.


exports within the EU.


exports outside the EU.

Comprehensive support from FIT

In order to stimulate exports from Flanders, we offer our companies a wide range of services: from publishing market studies and trade proposals and organizing business trips to conducting audits to assess companies' export skills.

Our services in 2022:


tailor-made export recommendations provided


market insights published


events organized


subsidies awarded


audits conducted  (Exportmeter ®)

Region with international appeal

Flanders offers many advantages for international companies. For example, it forms an important logistics hub at the epicenter of European purchasing power. In addition, the private, public and academic sectors work closely together in the region, creating fertile ground for research and innovation in advanced technology niches.

Flanders Investment & Trade promotes these assets worldwide and guides international players in Flanders, points them towards interesting financial incentives and offers tailor-made guidance for investment processes.

2022: a record year for investments in Flanders

4.92billion euros

invested in Flanders by foreign companies.

265new projects

started by foreign companies in Flanders

4596new jobs

created in Flanders through foreign investments.

Happy clients, happy employees

The results are also very positive with regard to the functioning of FIT.

Results of a large-scale client satisfaction survey (2019):    

  • 86% of Flanders-based companies are generally satisfied with FIT;
  • our events and advice have an average score of 9/10;
  • 87% of the companies indicate that they would consult FIT again.

Results of the staff survey (2020):

  • global score for 'job satisfaction': 4.5/5;
  • global score for 'well-being at work': 4.3/5.