Working for FIT means working for Flanders in an international environment. We come into contact with the business world on a daily basis, both in Flanders and far beyond its borders.

Every FIT employee can fully deploy and further develop his or her expertise. As befits a modern networking organization, we are constantly connected – across teams, regions, national borders and sectors.

Vacancies at FIT:

At this time, we don't have any job vacancies.

What a job at FIT represents


Our employees not only come into contact with different cultures and sectors, they also combine various roles and responsibilities.

So, no rigid job descriptions, but a lot of variety and an exciting range of tasks that you can personally adapt. And all in an international context.


Our employees largely determine for themselves how they approach their work and how they grow in their job. FIT provides a high degree of autonomy and little hierarchy.

Mutual trust is the common thread here, although this naturally also requires a strong sense of responsibility, flexibility and integrity.


At FIT, colleagues continuously learn from experts, both internally and externally. Through inspiring webinars and training courses from coaches, research centers, etc.

Our philosophy: by investing in the growth of our employees, we are also making our organization, business world and economy future-proof.


To support companies in their international ambitions, we focus on personal contact with the customer. Only in this way can we discover what really matters to our target groups and proactively adjust our services accordingly. 

Connectedness is also the most precious asset among FIT colleagues. To this end, we are strongly committed to internal communication and training.

Meaningful work

Together with companies, FIT employees build on the international success of the economy of Flanders every day.

It’s meaningful work that not only generates positive energy, but also has a major social impact. International entrepreneurship creates jobs, strengthens our competitiveness and enriches our economy with new expertise.

Interested in a job with the government of Flanders?

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What makes working at FIT such an exciting challenge

Being a Science & Technology Counselor for FIT gives me a front-row seat for the latest developments.
Jan Wauters
Science & Technology Counselor for Digital & Health Tech in Paris
Jan Wauters
Thanks to the internal mobility that’s possible at FIT, I was also able to give a new direction to my career as a 50+. As an International Business Advisor, I think along with the companies about their export and internationalization plans. FIT gives me the opportunity to work out the exciting job content independently, supported by an experienced team.
Bea Kestens
Export Advisor
Foto van Bea Kestens
To represent FIT in Helsinki is to build bridges between Finland and Flanders, together with our customers. Every day I have the chance to learn something new about the diverse economy of Flanders, which keeps the job interesting.
Annika Åkerfelt
Head of Mission in Helsinki
Foto van Annika Åkerfelt

The FIT team


FIT strives to fulfil our mission with a worldwide team of 320 colleagues from numerous fields of expertise.

There are 192 people working at our 92 foreign offices, spread over 5 continents. And 148 colleagues can be found in our offices in Brussels and Flanders.

In total, our organization has no fewer than 74 nationalities, who together speak 45 languages.

Foto van collega's FIT
I was hired by FIT for a period of one year, but thanks to successful projects, I was rewarded with a permanent contract. In recent years, the projects I’ve had the opportunity to carry out have been so diverse that the job continues to fascinate me every day.
Mohsin Abbas
Marketing Manager
Foto van Mohsin Abbas