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On April 28, 2022, the third edition of the Flanders International Economic Summit (FIES) will once again bring economic stakeholders together. Set at the Gare Maritime in Brussels, this biennial event organized by Flanders Investment & Trade (FIT) is the opportunity for entrepreneurs, partner organizations, sector federations, EU officials, economic counselors and diplomats to address topics related to international trade and entrepreneurship.

Under the 'Let’s catch up' motto, FIT will be using FIES 2022 to share ideas and knowledge. After the welcome speech by our FIT CEO Claire Tillekaerts and introduction by moderator and presenter Pieter Haeck, Tech Policy Reporter for Politico Europe, debates take place between leading experts. The themes are in line with the projects that FIT launched with the support of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

1. Flanders’ start-up ecosystem

Flanders’ Minister-president Jan Jambon reveals figures and trends about the start-up ecosystem in Flanders with the brand-new start-up report 'The State of Flanders Startup Ecosystem 2022' in partnership with Dealroom. Yoram Wijngaarde (CEO of Dealroom) underlines in a video testimonial the importance of the partnership with FIT and why a company profile on Dealroom is a must. Katleen Verleysen (CEO of miDiagnostics) also comments the report. Zhong Xu (CEO of Deliverect) speaks in a video about the importance of FIT for the growth of Deliverect.

2. E-commerce and sustainability

Dirk Tirez (CEO of bpost) and Heleen Buldeo Rai (postdoctoral researcher at Université Gustave Eiffel & author) engage in a debate about the topics. Maarten Bodewes (CEO of Loops) and Matthias Pletinckx (Country Manager of Budbee) talk about the importance of internationalization and sustainability in E-commerce through a video testimonial.

3. Future of international trade

Among others, Roel Vandenbulcke (CEO of Hysopt), Sabina Ciofu (Associate Director of trade organization techUK) and Koen De Leus (Chief Economist at BNP Paribas Fortis) share the latest trends within areas that shape both the present and future of internationalization: from sustainability over technology to trade promotion.

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